Sunday, August 28, 2011

At last I see the light..

Now i realized why God had let me get hurt 2 years ago.. :)

I still remember it so clearly the day i injured my calf muscle of my right leg.
I was so scared and sad that i couldn't dance for almost a month, every step would hurt..
Just because of the sports practice at school which we were forced to go.

At that time I just restarted my dance classes at urban groove.
And i couldn't go for classes for a month. I had missed so much.
I could have gotten closer with the other students and instructors like some of my friends.
I could have been able to perform for that first time with them.
But i couldn't and i didn't.
Yes, i was sad about that and i feel like i had missed out on so so much....
I literally cried out to God. Why did this happen to me? why do i always injure myself at the wrong times..

But i also remember God's healing miracle on my leg..
He healed me a month after or was it less?

Well anyway, I was happy after that eventhough some things happened.

Yesterday at myf, Marc was sharing with us on the wonderful Holy Spirit.
He talked about some people such as Jaeson Ma and 2 others
Jaeson Ma's story was about him wanting to get into the MTV world and being a rapper.
Before he produced his song Love, his mentor who happens to be MC hammer a superstar at that time. Actually, i just heard one of mc hammer's songs on glee project the day before. (coincidence, no?)
MC hammer happens to be a pastor.. (was shocked!)

So he told Jaeson "NO". instead, he asked Jaeson to get into bible school to study the Word before getting into showbiz cause you know, in that world people go astray and turn away from God, at least most of the people.
SO he went and after he finished he released that song about Jesus' love and the people from MTV said if only he takes out the those 2 words, "Jesus Christ" he would make it in the charts.
And i believe that too. That song was really really good.
The point is that if he hadn't gone for bible school he would have got caught in the singing world.
Now he is a spirit-filled powerful speaker and God's servant.

Another instance was this afternoon at discipleship class we were discussing about how God's word helps you make right decisions in life.
So it is double confirmed that God is speaking to me about this. Even after so long...

And it just struck me like a lighted light bulb.
If i didn't injured my leg, i would have been in that performance and I would get to know them better and get much better and perform in many other performances.
But where would that get me?
I would have been missing church services, MYF meetings, discipleship maybe, i may not be the president of MYF now, many things would have been different.

I don't mean to judge or criticize anyone if you, "terasa" or something.. ><
This is just what God is speaking and applicable to me.
Or it might benefit you in a good way :)

I just want to thank God for speaking to me even i might or might not have gotten over what happened so long ago..
Maybe i still feel a little inferior sometimes when i see my friends joining competitions and performances.. I do still wish it was me at times

I still thank God that I was able to join dance classes again after SPM and a really great time performing during CNY last year and the good time I had at the sleepover with the girls.. =)
Which reminds me of the lovely song I see the light from Tangled..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today is the first day posting at HTAR Klang.. Well, yesterday was orientations so it doesn't count.

First thoughts when i saw the ward..
~ A place where you treat wounded soldiers in a war
~ An aftermath of a disaster??
~ I stepped into Iraq??

The things there and the settings are so last century times..
Like Florence Nightingale's time??
It was nothing like what i ever expected or imagined

The staff?
They just couldn't care less..
First instant, MO checked a patient's BP and it turns out 198/100 or something like that.. She askes for Amlodopine stat and we went to ask the medication nurse for it and she says she'll give later..
Half and hour or 1 hour later, still no sign of her.
MO asks again and still no sign.. I rechecked the BP and got 180/100..
Finally i don't even know if she served the amlodipine.. sigh

A patient's branula was removed by my friend and he bleeds profusely!
Covers it with a thick layer of gauze and guess what!?
I went to see what my friend was doing with the patient, and it feels like I'm in Grey's ANatomy..
Seeing a pool of blood on the bed and my friend holding the patient's hand with a bloody glove,
was stunned for a moment and thought it came out of his pampers but no, it was from his arm!!!
A small hole from removing the branula caused SO much BLOOD!??

The worse thing was when the staff nurse came, she just stunned at the sight just as I was and...
Goes to the other side and checked the platelet transfusion into the other hand.. And then went away to get heparin saline to flush that PVL and then just walked away and left us all staring at her..
She could have at least helped to bring some more gauze or tell us to apply pressure on it..
She just didn't do anything to help!

I really had compassion on the patients there.. They are really being illtreated there like they're some animals.. They looked so helpless and it didn't look like anyone could get any better there..

I felt like I'm going on a missionary trip.. This would be a really good experience for me before (*IF) God would call me to the missions field..
Well, whatever happens this week I will take it as a good training and preparation for whatever.

In the darkness, there is YOUR light, Lord.
Your light shines when all else fades <3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Bash

I know it's kinda late, but i wanna dedicate this post specially for my college mates!
I'm am truly blessed to have such lovely, crazy as m
e classmates in college..
Once i got to know them closer, they are grea
t people to be with!

I wanna thank you all for celebrating my birthday with
me =)
Not forgetting it was for Winnie's birthday as well..
Thanks for the present! =)
I had a really good time being with them that night..
We went to Ole Ole Bali at Pyramid..
The food was quite pricey but large portions!
Sorry for making you guys spend so much there..
I think we all had a great time, agree??

Once again, THANK YOU~!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is life without God and dance?

Once again... I'm feeling miserable without dance in my life.

I miss dancing so much.. After having a great experience doing a real musical at church for Christmas, i feel empty. =(

I'm filled with God's love but i still miss dance a lot.
When will I get to dance again?
I wish we could just drop everything we are doing- college, work, school, whatever and just DANCE
Won't that be great?!

But I know God has great plans for us to do something for Him.
And at the end the reward will be far greater than an
ything in the world.
"Seek first the Kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added to you."
God knows my heart. He knows my every desire and my needs, but I must first obey and continue walking in Him. I don't have to worry about the future for He holds it in His hands.

Oh well, back to dancing when no one's around and wait for the time to come =)

Best performance I ever had =D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh New Do for CNY

New Look for the new year!

Can't believe we just went to the saloon and did our hair without even planning.. hahahah

I really like my new do! I just love the curl in at the front.. :)
This is by far the best haircut yet! Totally worth the money..
I didn't expect the hair styler to do that at all. haha


Saturday, October 9, 2010

There it is.. I finally blogged!

After about 3 months...

I started college, i finished half of mid term tests, i have friends, i have my uniform! Just got it today.. =)

The picture looks like a kind of drama series on tv.. Mercy? :P

Tons of things have happened since it all began on 22nd July 2010.
In a week, we're going into the real world. Clinical posting begins 18th oct.
Nervous but excited for it!

Thank you Father for my lovely classmates and my group!
Thank you Father for all the food!

I must admit that I'm getting fat! Gotta stop filling my stomach till the top..
Haven't been dancing since it started.. Wish I didn't have to stop! =(
When will I start dancing all over again? I really need to exercise..
Somebody help me!

Alright, off to bed now...~ Nights (: